Our background is in the vineyard...


Our work start in the vineyard.

Vinobeer Vietnam is a branch of V&B France (created 20 years ago) & Vignobles Invindia. We run 7 wineries in Bordeaux. Our peoples are a mixture of youth, enthusiasm and dynamism.




We have great services for you and yours...

Glouglou Records

Wine and music is such a parfait combination. Research suggests that music does affect our discernment of food and drink. Our senses all magnified or enhanced by the others. Our music record labels will release all the tracks suit best to your drinking experience. We also organize party series featuring our best wine menu.


As a wine producer back to France in Bordeaux region, we have our own team in Marketing, labelling. We able to source any quality of wine.

You want to make your own brand, a private label for a special occasion? Trust in Vinobeer talented peoples. With a minimum order of 3000 bottles, we can design your own wine label among a large selection of outsanding wines. Then we can import it in Vietnam in the best conditions.

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Staff Training

Developing a wine program is no easy It comes from years of learning what wines pair with what foods, what wines go with what social situations. Once your wine program is in place, how do you transfer that knowledge over to your staff? Training your staff on wine is an essential part of a comprehensive wine program. Your team is your number one resource for connecting with customers, they are the face of your restaurant, and they have the power to dazzle customers! We provide a free staff training on our wines by wine experts.

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